Top things to do in Yonaguni-jima

Izakaya in Yonaguni-jima

Island Cuisine Isun

In Kubura, this cosy izakaya is a local favourite. Though the menu is in Japanese only, we recommend the kajiki (locally caught swordfish) sashimi and the sansai (locally gathered wild mountain vegetables) salad. As…
Monument in Yonaguni-jima


Just as Hateruma-jima has a monument to mark Japan's southernmost point, Yonaguni-jima has one to mark the country's westernmost point (日本最西端の碑), here at Irizaki. If the weather is perfect, the mountains of Taiwan a…
Izakaya in Yonaguni-jima


In the centre of Sonai is this delightful little Okinawan izakaya that serves local specialities such as Ishigakigyū-sutēki (Ishigaki-style steak; ¥1300) and rafutē (gingered, stewed pork; ¥700). It's about 100m sou…
Natural Feature in Yonaguni-jima


Literally 'Standing-God Rock' (although another name might come to mind), this offshore obelisk can be viewed from several spots on the bluffs above.
Natural Feature in Yonaguni-jima


The raised platform that overlooks Gunkan-iwa also offers views of the jagged coastline of Sanninu-dai.
Viewpoint in Yonaguni-jima


At the eastern tip of the island, wild Yonaguni horses graze in the pastures leading out to the lighthouse at Agarizaki.
Natural Feature in Yonaguni-jima


Aptly named, this striking offshore fin does bring to mind an imposing ship.
Beach in Yonaguni-jima


On the south coast of the island is the pleasant little village of Higawa, which has a wide, sandy crescent of beach. The water here is clear and shallow, and a seawall makes it a calm spot for swimming and snorkell…