Top Choice Park in Yamaguchi


North of the town centre is Kōzan Park, where the five-storey pagoda of Rurikō-ji (瑠璃光寺), a National Treasure dating from 1404, is picturesquely situated beside a small lake. A small onsite museum displays miniature…
Church in Yamaguchi

St Francis Xavier Memorial Church

Yamaguchi was a major centre of Christian missionary activity before the religion was outlawed in 1589. This church resembles a large tent, and sits above the town in Kameyama-kōen. Built in 1952 in honour of St Fra…
Historic Building in Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi Furusato Heritage Centre

The ground floor of the 1886 sake merchant building (the Manabi-kan; まなび館) has a small display of local crafts, including some Ōuchi dolls, and the building itself is interesting. Go upstairs to get a closer look at…
Buddhist Temple in Yamaguchi


About 4km northeast of JR Yamaguchi Station, temple Jōei-ji is notable for its simple, stone-dotted Zen garden, Sesshutei, designed by the painter Sesshū. From the garden, a trail leads uphill through the woods to s…
Gallery in Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum

This interesting gallery focuses on art of the region, with three rooms showing work from their varied permanent collection, leafy grounds featuring modern sculpture, and regular special exhibitions (admission extra…
Museum in Yamaguchi

Christian Museum

The ground-floor Christian museum in the St Francis Xavier Memorial Church covers the life of Xavier and early history of Christianity in Japan, mostly in Japanese only.
Museum in Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum

A gallery with both permanent and special exhibitions. The permanent collection boasts photography of still-life and nudes by Katsuji Fukuda.