Cultural in Hagi

Hagi Mantoue

A promenade of 500 stone lanterns are lit up with candles at Tōkō-ji for the Hagi Lantern Festival, which honours the spirits of ancestors on 15 August each year. The warm glow on a summer's night is atmospheric and…
Dance in Yamaguchi

Gion Matsuri

During the Gion Matsuri, dedicated to warding off demons, the Sagi-mai (Egret Dance) is held at Yasaka-jinja on 20 July. On 24 July, Yamaguchi's streets come alive with 20m-high hand-pulled floats, 1000 dancers and …
Cultural in Yamaguchi

Tanabata Chōchin Matsuri

From 6 to 7 August, thousands of decorated paper lanterns illuminate the city, hanging from bamboo poles and in a street parade. A good place to see them is along commercial Eki-dōri, or leafy Park Rd in Kameyama-kō…
Cultural in Shimonoseki

Sentei Festival

Held at Akama-jingū from 2 to 4 May to remember the Heike women who worked as prostitutes to pay for rites for their fallen relatives. On 3 May, women dressed as Heian-era courtesans form a colourful procession at t…
Fireworks in Shimonoseki

Kanmon Straits Fireworks Festival

A spectacular fireworks display occurring on both sides of the straits at the same time. Held on 13 August.