Top Choice Izakaya in Ishigaki-jima


This Ishigaki City favourite serves all the Okinawan and Yaeyama standards. The boisterous atmosphere and kitchen get top marks, although smokers detract from the experience. Try the ikasumi chahan (squid ink fried …
Japanese in Ishigaki-jima

Ishigakijima Village

A contemporary version of the old-school dining yokochō (alleys) ferreted away in Japanese cities, this new restaurant complex is the perfect place to dine when feeling indecisive. Tiny eateries, each with some culi…
Noodles in Ishigaki-jima


This sunlit soba place in Kabira serves local dishes like chilled yomogi-soba (mugwort soba) served in a conch shell, or tebichi soba (Okinawan soba topped with stewed pork trotters). Even better, you can follow you…
Soba in Ishigaki-jima

Ishigaki-jima Kids

Tucked into a tiny, tidy space in Euglena Mall, Ishigaki-jima Kids serves good Yaeyama-style cafe fare – sōki-soba, taco rice and the like – all detailed in a picture menu. There's usually a great lunch set of taco …
Izakaya in Yonaguni-jima

Island Cuisine Isun

In Kubura, this cosy izakaya is a local favourite. Though the menu is in Japanese only, we recommend the kajiki (locally caught swordfish) sashimi and the sansai (locally gathered wild mountain vegetables) salad. As…
Okinawan in Iriomote-jima

Kitchen Inaba

In the Tsuki-ga-hama area, the relatively upmarket Kitchen Inaba serves the usual local specialities in a spot where no other dining options exist. It's a lovely place for a meal if you're spending a day at the beac…
Izakaya in Yonaguni-jima


In the centre of Sonai is this delightful little Okinawan izakaya that serves local specialities such as Ishigakigyū-sutēki (Ishigaki-style steak; ¥1300) and rafutē (gingered, stewed pork; ¥700). It's about 100m sou…
Okinawan in Iriomote-jima

Densā Shokudō

This comfy daytime eatery serves up Okinawan favourites, like gōyā champurū teishoku (¥850) and Yaeyama soba (¥500), in a homey dining room with an outdoor terrace. Browse a selection of manga (comics) while you wai…
Okinawan in Iriomote-jima

Laugh La Garden

Near the road from Uehara Port and beside the petrol station, this relaxed cafe-restaurant has sets such as ishigakibuta-no-misokatsu teishoku (miso-seasoned Ishigaki pork cutlets; ¥950) and Iriomote delicacies such…
Noodles in Taketomi-jima

Soba-dokoro Takenoko

This tiny restaurant on the northwest side of the village (look for the blue banner and the umbrellas) serves up sōki-soba (¥800) and Yaeyama soba (¥600) in amazing broth.