Top Choice Seafood in Kurashiki


This traditional eatery, in a 200-year-old warehouse with chunky beams and long wooden tables, is famed for mamakari, the sardine-like local speciality. The tasty fish is supposed to induce bouts of uncontrollable f…
Top Choice Seafood in Shimonoseki


There's only one thing on the menu in this boisterous spot: pick from a range of fugu sets, such as the dinner Ebisu course, which features the cute little puffer in raw, seared, fried and drowned-in-sake incarnatio…
Top Choice Seafood in Miyajima


The oysters in the tank and on the barbecue outside are what everyone is eating here. Try a plate of nama-gaki (raw oysters) or kaki-furai (crumbed, fried oysters), or go for oysters on udon noodles. It's not all ab…
Seafood in Hagi

Hagi Shinkai

Seating here is around a large open tank, so you can watch as the doomed fish are plucked out by the staff while you eat. There are various set-meal options, or ask for the manager-recommended Shinkai teishoku (¥108…
Seafood in Matsue


The smell of fish grilling over coals permeates this restaurant, which specialises in the cuisine of the Oki Islands. The menu features meals such as eri-yaki konabe (hot spicy soup cooked over a flame at your table…
Seafood in Tsuwano


The Tsuwano teishoku (a carp-themed sampler of local dishes) is recommended at this elegantly rustic restaurant, which has wooden tables and the sound of running water. There are koi (carp) in a pool in the floor he…
Seafood in Sakai Minato


This restaurant is proud that its kaisen-don (seafood over rice) has featured on Japanese TV. The friendly owner will help you navigate the menu and advise on the daily specials: fish fresh off the boat. There are a…
Seafood in Shimonoseki

Kamon Wharf

Close to the Karato fish market, with eateries and shops specialising in local goodies. Seekers of only-in-Japan culinary experiences can look out for the uni-flavoured ice cream (うにソフトクリーム; sea urchin) and fugu bur…
Seafood in Shimonoseki


No puffed-up decor, but you'll catch lots of fresh pufferfish set meals and even a sea breeze at this relaxed corner restaurant on the wharf. English picture menu available. Look for the white noren over the entranc…
Seafood in Hagi

Hagi Seaside Market

There's all manner of fresh and wild delights to sample here at this busy market, with plenty of eateries as well as straight-from-the-source sellers if you're planning your own barbecue somehow.