Top Choice Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima


The walls of this popular okonomiyaki specialist are covered with the signatures and messages of famous and not-so-famous satisfied customers. The tasty, generous servings are indeed satisfying – a half-order is pro…
Top Choice Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima


This Hiroshima institution is a touristy but fun place to get acquainted with okonomiyaki and chat with the cooks over a hot griddle. Spead over three floors are 26 stalls, each serving up hearty variations of the l…
Top Choice Izakaya in Miyajima


By day at Mame-tanuki there are lunch sets, such as the tasty anago meshi (steamed conger eel with rice) and fried oysters, and at night it is one of the few places open late, serving drinks and izakaya-style small …
Top Choice Izakaya in Matsue


You can count on a friendly welcome at this small izakaya, which specialises in the 'seven delicacies' from Shinji-ko and is a good place to try some local sake. The daughter of the owners speaks English. Look for t…
Sushi in Shimonoseki

Kaiten Karato Ichiba Sushi

This conveyor-belt sushi restaurant on the 2nd floor, right above the fish market, is a great place to get your hands on the freshest fish without needing to know what they're all called. It's closed when the market…
Japanese in Matsue


Next to Matsue-ōhashi, this bright, wood-themed restaurant is a tranquil spot for unameshi (eel and rice; ¥2700). Or opt for one of the delicately prepared kaiseki spreads, such as the Shinji-ko course (¥4320).
Yakitori in Tottori


This bustling yakitori (skewers of grilled chicken) place has a large menu of individual sticks and rice dishes. Get an assortment of six for ¥626 or 12 for ¥1242. As well as chicken there are grilled veg options. I…
Tonkatsu in Okayama

Ajitsukasa Nomura

Step into this quiet bamboo-themed restaurant to try local speciality demi-katsudon – deep-fried pork cutlets with a thick, rich demi-glace sauce, served on rice. Place your order by purchasing a ticket from the mac…
Okonomiyaki in Onomichi


Like its neighbour Hiroshima, Onomichi has its own spin on okonomiyaki – Onomichi-yaki – with the key ingredient being chicken giblets. If you prefer your meals innards-free, there are also Kansai- and Hiroshima-sty…