Getting Around

Along the Inland Sea coast of Western Honshū to the south, the shinkansen (bullet train) is the fastest way to get around, running between Okayama, Hiroshima and other cities on the way to Shimonoseki.

Trains operate all the way from Tottori to Hagi, hugging some beautiful rugged coastline on the way, but services are generally infrequent and it's hard to avoid the slow 'local' services. If you're really in a hurry up here (and to get way off the beaten track), it's worth hiring a car. There are few train and bus lines servicing inland destinations: the major rail link between the two coasts runs between Okayama and Yonago; while a bus between Matsue and Hiroshima offers a second option, especially while tickets are discounted under a years-long promotion.