Top ChoiceGardens in Okayama



Kōraku-en draws the crowds with its reputation as one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan. It has expansive lawns broken up by ponds, teahouses and other Edo-period buildings, including a nō theatre...

Top ChoiceJapanese in Okayama


An extremely popular fusion restaurant for Japanese classics such as tako-yaki (grilled octopus dumplings). The best bet is the set six-course meal, which includes French-leaning flavours in pumpkin soup, grilled...

Top ChoiceTofu in Okayama


Squeeze in at the counter at this small, simple lunch joint and watch the team of women preparing delicious tofu meals as you wait. There are only three things on the (picture) menu; try the okabe teishoku for a...

Castle in Okayama


Nicknamed U-jō (烏城; Crow Castle) because of its colour, the striking black Okayama Castle has an imposing exterior with gilded-fish gargoyles flipping their tails in the air. You can appreciate its impressive...

Cultural in Okayama

Saidai-ji Eyō

Also known as the Hadaka Matsuri ('Naked Festival'), this event takes place at the Kannon-in temple in Saidai-ji, where a chaotic crowd of around 10,000 men in loincloths fights over two sacred shingi (wooden...

Bar in Okayama

Izayoi no Tsuki

A convivial atmosphere (though it's fine to sit at the counter solo), walls decorated with sake labels, and an enormous drinks menu – just what you want from a local izakaya. There are numerous sakes from Okayama...

Tonkatsu in Okayama

Ajitsukasa Nomura

Step into this quiet bamboo-themed restaurant to try Okayama speciality demi-katsudon – deep-fried pork cutlets with a thick, rich demi-glace sauce, served on rice. Place your order by purchasing a ticket from...

Bar in Okayama

Saudade na Yoru

This 2nd-floor lounge bar overlooking the Symphony Hall building makes all the right retro-chic moves, with mismatched furniture, ornate-glass lighting, eclectic background music and and sometimes live jazz. It...

Yakitori in Okayama

Nodo Nobashi

No, don't be intimidated. From the riverside street, it looks like it's bar-room only at this popular kushiyaki (grilled skewers) joint, but the tables out back, welcoming staff, English menu and whisky highballs...

Tempura in Okayama


You know a restaurant is serious when the space consists of plain pine tables without decoration to distract you. The tempura here is seriously good. Fine-battered shrimp, broccoli, eel and squid are freshly...

Shopping Centre in Okayama

Aeon Mall Okayama

Okayama's ultra-modern mall has seven floors to keep shoppers happy, with local fashion brands and international chain favourites such as Zara and H&M. There are also numerous places to eat. It's connected...

Noodles in Okayama

Tori-soba Ōta

The name of this little counter-top restaurant is also its trademark dish: tori-soba (steaming bowls of noodles packed with chicken and served in a tasty broth). Other options are variations on the chicken,...

Gallery in Okayama

Yumeji Art Museum

Prominent Taishō-era artist and poet Takehisa Yumeji (1884–1934) is particularly known for his bijin-ga (images of beautiful women), and various wistfully posed ladies feature among the paintings, prints and...

Museum in Okayama

Hayashibara Museum of Art

This is a small museum with exhibits of scrolls, armour and paintings that were once the property of the Ikeda clan (who ruled Okayama for much of the Edo period). It's near the rear entrance of Okayama-jō. Look...

Italian in Okayama

Padang Padang

Despite the Asian-sounding name, this mellow, lamp-lit restaurant focuses on French and Italian dishes, deftly whipped up in the small open kitchen. There is occasional live music and it's a good spot for a glass...

Juice Bar in Okayama

Marugo Deli

Cute pantry-styled juice bar (with a couple of seats outside) serving fresh juices (¥420) and an interesting range of hot cuppas (¥320 to ¥540) – soy latte, chai, cafe matcha and honey-ginger cocoa. Its sign is a...

Pub in Okayama

Aussie Bar

This casual expat-run watering hole is popular with the city's English-speaking population. Alongside Aussie beers such as VB (of course), pub grub is served, from the range of Aussie-themed burgers (including...

Indian in Okayama

Quiet Village Curry Shop

This cosy restaurant consists of one long table and counter, where the welcoming owners serve up Bengali-style curries and cups of chai. Some English is spoken and there are vegetarian and vegan options.

Live Performance in Okayama

Okayama Symphony Hall

Okayama's concert hall, in an impressive circular building, hosts a range of international and local dance and classical music performances.