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The city is proud of its connection to Momotarō, the demon-quelling 'Peach Boy' hero of one of Japan's best-known folk tales. You'll spot his face beaming out at you all over town.

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$228.74 Cultural & Theme Tours

Yakage Town Historical Walking Tour

• 10:00            Get picked-up from Yakage train station (on Ibara Train Line) • 10:20            Receive an information booklet and brief orientation from your guide • 10:40            Visit Yakage Honjin the Samurai Residence • 11:40             Visit Ishii Soy Sauce Brewery • 12:00-13:00   Eat a traditional Japanese-style lunch • 13:00-13:45   Participate in a Traditional Japanese Sweet-making workshop • 14:00-15:00   Learn how to write Japanese Calligraphy • 15:15-16:00   Visit Daitsuji-teien Temple to walk around the temple gardens, sit and drink tea. • 16:00-17:00   Free time to do some shopping • 17:30             Return to Yakage train station What is included: • Lunch is included in the tour price, if you require special menues please tell us and that can be arranged. Additional costs may be applied. • Entrance into museums and historical sites is included. • Workshop fees and materials are included. • An English speaking guide is included. If you require other language support we can arrange for it. Additional costs may be applied if multiple guides are needed for language purposes. • All transportation within Yakage Town is included in the tour. Transportation to and from Yakage Town is not included and is the responsibility of the visitor.

$21.61 Classes & Workshops

Yakage Town Japanese Sweet Making Workshop

In collaboration with the town, Sato Gyokuundo offers a special sweet making workshop where you can learn from the owner herself, some of their iconic sweets. • A brief introduction to the history of the shop and the sweets made over the last 180 years. • Taste samples of the different sweets, served with local tea that helps enhance the flavor of the sweets. • Prepare the table and get familiar with the equipment that will be used. • Do the sweets workshop, learning how to cut, fold and twist the sweet. • Relax afterwards and eat the rewards of the workshop. • Time to shop and purchase sweets to take away with you.

$91.56 Cultural & Theme Tours

Kibi Daijin Shrine New Year Festival

• 10:00            Get picked-up from Yakage train station (on Ibara Train Line) • 10:20            Receive an information booklet and brief orientation from your guide • 10:40            Visit Yakage Honjin the Samurai Residence • 11:40             Visit Ishii Soy Sauce Brewery • 12:00-13:00   Eat lunch at the udon restaurant at the park • 13:00-15:30   Free time to do some shopping and have afternoon cake and coffee. • 16:00              Return to Yakage train station.            WHAT’S INCLUDED:+ Pick-up and drop-off at Yakage Station+ Guide (English)+ Lunch+ Afternoon cake and coffee (from a selection of cafes in Yakage)+ Temple Stamp Fee (book not included)

$64.21 Classes & Workshops

Bizen Ware Pottery Lesson with a Craftsman in Okayama

During this experience, you will enjoy making some Bizen ware in the town of Imbe, one of the most well-known places for pottery.Japan is known as a country that has many areas that are famous for their various pottery styles. The 6 oldest areas famous for pottery are called the Nihon Rokkoyo and known as representative of the pottery production areas.One of Nihon Rokkoyo is Bizen ware, and it is also called Imbe ware since the Imbe area is famous for producing Bizen ware.This will be a private lesson at a potter's studio. You will need to choose either the electric wheel or hand forming option and sketch a drawing of the idea you have for your creation. Afterward,  you will make your own pottery with a professional potter.There is also a clay making experience for Bizen ware option.1. Smash the dried original clay with a wooden hammer (20 min.)2. Dissolve and put in a pot. Knead clay with your foot. (20 min.)3. Sieving all stones using the wire  (20 min.)*Please note: an additional shipping fee will be incurred if you would like your pottery to be shipped to you.

$82.31 Day Trips & Excursions

Osaka to Sayo Nanko Sunflower Park Trip, White Peach Tasting

Meet with your tour conductor at your designated meeting point (Namba or JR Osaka) and then start heading toward Sayo Town in Hyogo Prefecture. Sayo is a small town located in south western part of Hyogo where a very traditional Japanese landscape still exists. During the summer, the whole town becomes busy with people who visit the huge and famous sunflower field. Thousands of these powerful and beautiful flowers will welcome you and give you an unforgettable sight. Take a stroll between the gorgeous sunflowers for about 30 minutes.Clear sky, sunflowers and the fresh green backdrop of the mountains is the perfect image of what a typical summer experience in Japan is like, but not everyone has the chance to actually see this. On this tour, you will be one of the lucky few who will have seen the typical Japanese summer scenery.Afterwards, you will have lunch in the local restaurant “Nishinoya" in Okayama. The lunch menu will be pork and seafood shabu shabu, and 'matsurizushi' (meaning festival sushi). Also, 3 kinds of fruits (fresh Okayama's white peach, melon and orange) will be served in all-you-can-eat style. You will have approximately 50 minutes for lunch here.After the lunch break, visit the fruit farm, to where people from all over Japan come to pick famous Okayama peaches. Don't miss your chance and pick-your-own 1 fresh peach to take home with you as a souvenir. You will have about 20 minutes for peach picking and for taking memorable photos. Before coming back to Osaka, your tour will stop at Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter. Scenery of the old days is still mostly preserved, with white-walled traditional houses lined up along Kurashiki River. Enjoy a nice, peaceful stroll for about 70 minutes.You will be heading back to Osaka with the unforgettable experience of a beautiful Japanese landscape. The approximate arrival time is between 18:45~19:15.

$4247.25 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Private Luxury Osaka Kobe Himeji Okayama Shikoku Island Tour Two Full Days

Day 1: • Pickup from your Osaka metro area hotel at approx. 8:00 am • Osaka Castle • Lunch at Michelin rated Kobe Beef restaurant in Kobe City (included) • Himeji Castle • Check-in at luxury ryokan (Japanese Inn) in Okayama, enjoy a beautifully appointed evening of luxury onsen & traditional seasonal kaiseki dinner (included) • Explore more onsen by walking nearby to other famous bathhouses Day 2: • Full traditional seasonal breakfast at luxury ryokan (included) • Okayama Castle • Marugame Castle • Udon lunch at Kagawa Prefecture restaurant (included) • Kotohira-gu Shrine • Motoyama-ji Temple, No. 70 of the famous “88 Temple Pilgrimage” in Shikoku Island • Return to your Osaka metro area hotel by approx. 8:00 pmBe photographed! Have beautiful photos taken of you while being guided on a private tour. The beautiful and rich history of this region will be the perfect backdrop for stunning photos! Our experienced guide/photographer will tour you around the sites, and photograph you along the way, both casually and posed. This service is for individuals, couples and families, as well as for engagement photos/ceremonies.This tour includes photography service from an 10+ year experienced professional photographer. At the conclusion of the Photo Tour, unedited JPEG or RAW photo data on an SD Card will be handed to you. What better way to document your exciting trip than with beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime!