Top Choice Bar in Hiroshima


Bookshelves, old-fashioned furniture, a piano and a stuffed deer head all add to the busy surrounds at this smoky lounge-bar. Organza hosts an eclectic schedule of live events (from acoustic guitar to cabaret), some…
Top Choice Bar in Hiroshima


It's bound to be a good night if you drop into this laid-back place, where the friendly metal-loving musician owner 'Bom-san' can be found serving drinks and cooking up small tasty meals. There is occasional live mu…
Bar in Okayama

Saudade na Yoru

This 2nd-floor lounge bar overlooking the Symphony Hall building makes all the right retro-chic moves, with mismatched furniture, ornate-glass lighting and eclectic background (and sometimes live jazz) music. It has…
Cafe in Hagi

Cafe Tikal

Through the old gate of the Kogawa family residence is this small cafe with large windows looking on to a pleasingly unkempt garden. Sit among the games and books at one of the wooden tables and choose from a range …
Bar in Matsue

Cafe Bar EAD

Low lighting, sofas and a broad terrace with a river view make this relaxed cafe-bar a nice place to end your evening. Snacks include homemade pizzas. It's on the 3rd floor of a building just near the bridge.
Bar in Shiraishi-jima

Moooo! Bar

Popular bar on the beach of Shiraishi-jima, run by resident expat Amy Chavez. It operates only during summer months.
Izakaya in Okayama

Izayoi no Tsuki

A convivial atmosphere (though it's fine to sit at the counter solo), walls decorated with sake labels, and an enormous drinks menu – just what you want from a local izakaya. There are numerous sakes from Okayama Pr…
Bar in Hiroshima


This is a trendy, dimly lit joint, with seating at the sleek bar or at low-to-the-ground tables. There's a good range of sake and cocktails and some tempting dishes to go with your drinks: try the avocado or ko-iwas…
Bar in Kurashiki


After the Bikan area closes down, relax with the good music and friendly staff at the slightly scruffy SWLABR. By day it serves as a cafe with light meals and cakes; by night it's a bar. It's the green weatherboard …
Izakaya in Hiroshima

Ninjō Ganko Yatai

Six small izakaya squeezed into one large room make up this convivial spot, where beer and sake come with the usual izakaya fare, as well as some local-style okonomiyaki. Look for the lanterns and rope curtain over …