Top ChoiceJapanese in Shimoda


Elegant, understated ambience and fantastic seafood. The isōjiru soup is made from more than a dozen varieties of shellfish and looks like a tide pool in a bowl. The sashimi-don (rice bowl), not on the English...

Top ChoiceShokudo in Matsuzaki

Mingei Sabō

Generous seafood sets come with sashimi, perfectly grilled fish and multiple tiny appetisers at this traditional restaurant beside the little port (go for the lunch set '美味しいランチ' for ¥1620). From the Matsuzaki...

Top ChoiceInternational in Kisami

South Cafe

It's well worth dragging yourself away from the beach for the tasty sandwiches, burgers, salads and curries (not to mention the must-have brownies) at this stylish diner. The drip coffee (with free refills) is...

Sushi in Itō


This roadstop chain restaurant opposite the beach has zero character, but who cares when it's this cheap, tasty and fun? Choose from bargain-priced bites like nigiri, maki, fried chicken and ramen using a touch...

Japanese in Itō

Bora Noya

Fish brought in to neighbouring Futo port supply the pearlescent sashimi platters at this former fishing lodge dating back to the 17th century. 'Bora' refers to the striped mullet that migrate along the coast and...

Japanese in Shimoda


In a 140-year-old former shipping workshop, this funky snack shack hawks yummy tako-yaki (fried wheat balls filled with octopus) and shimodoyaki, its own creation with squid, shrimp, egg and seaweed. During...

Fusion in Kisami

Wabi Sabi Cafe

Choose from chair or hammock to savour the serenity at this homespun cafe, part of Wabi Sabi guesthouse, serving veggie and vegan Japanese fusion food. Dishes like edamame hummus, vegan Massaman curry, and a...

Izakaya in Itō


A cute izakaya cluttered with eclectic decor. The menu caters to all with cheap and tasty dishes such as jumbo okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes), tempura and sashimi sets, alongside more outlandish options like...

Sushi in Itō

Fuji Ichi

A fishmonger downstairs and a casual restaurant above, this humble, market-fresh eatery is noted for its grilled fish and squid (cooked DIY on hot plates), but you won't go wrong with the sashimi set (sashimi...

Noodles in Shuzen-ji Onsen

Zenfutei Nana ban

This institution serves the local noodle speciality, zendera soba (¥1260), with a stalk of fresh wasabi root to grate yourself – they even give you a plastic bag in which to take home the precious wasabi root...

Cafe in Kisami

Cafe Mellow

Sun streams into this weatherboard cafe-bar where locals and tourists dine on beach fare such as burgers, pizza and seafood barbecues (order a day ahead). Attached to Ernest House.

Bakery in Matsuzaki

Costa Forno

Run by a friendly Nagano native, this Italian-style bakery offers ¥200 cups of coffee to go with seasonal treats like blueberry jam-and cream cheese pull-apart bread, pizza slices and savoury Nagano-style...

Burgers in Shimoda

Edy Burger

A hip young family moved here from Yokohama run this tiny burger counter grilling a range of stacked sandwiches including spicy chilli, three cheese, and avocado, along with fried chicken, tacos and a daily soup....

Cafe in Shira-hama

Papa's Restaurant

Cosy diner with vintage toy cars, gingham tablecloths and surfboards on the walls. Serves light fare such as pizza, salads and omurice (omelette and fried rice). It's about an eight-minute walk from...

Izakaya in Shimoda

Nami Nami

This friendly counter bar has a retro vibe and an inventive menu including local fish (honjitsu no sakana) and assorted delicacies served yakitori-style or breaded and fried. Look for the yellow sign.

Noodles in Shimoda


In business since 1916, serving hearty comfort food such as kamo nabeyaki udon (duck hotpot; ¥1000). Look for the model raccoon by the entrance. They have an English menu for a few main dishes.

Burgers in Atami

Selfish Diner

Grab a pavement table or counter seat at this smart little seafront joint for tuna cutlet burgers, stacked aesthetically with salad and sauce in a toasted bun, and served with fries or lotus root chips.

International in Shimoda

Nanz Kitchen

The anchor of the Nanz Village complex, this casual restaurant serves Mexican fare like fajitas along with pizzas and fish and chips. Creative cocktails include the 'Black Ship', a mojito darkened with charcoal.

Pub Food in Itō

Izu Kogen Brewery

The best venue in the drab Marine Town development up the coast from Orange Beach, where you can enjoy thin-crust pizzas while sipping German-style craft beer and soaking your toes in the foot onsen.

Sushi in Shimoda

Sushi Take

Sate your sushi cravings at this corner restaurant with the jizakana sushi setto (local fish sushi set). There’s a picture menu, and a green-and-white sign outside.