Top ChoiceMuseum in Chōkoku-no-Mori & Gōra

Hakone Open-Air Museum

Hakone Open-Air Museum

Occupying a verdant swath of Hakone hillside is this unmissable art safari, leading visitors past a rich array of 19th- and 20th-century sculptures and installations by leading Japanese artists as well as the...

Top ChoiceTeahouse in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone


Teahouses like Amazake-chaya were once common sights along the old Edo-era (1603–1868) foot highways that criss-crossed Japan. This one, with a thatched roof, is one of only a few that remain, and run by the same...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Miyanoshita & Kowakidani

Okada Museum of Art

This mammoth museum showcases the dazzling Japanese, Chinese and Korean art treasures of industrialist Okada Kazuo. You could easily spend hours marvelling at the beauty of many pieces, including detailed screen...

Top ChoiceCraft Beer in Chōkoku-no-Mori & Gōra

Gora Brewery & Grill

Sup on a Gora IPA or a Black Belt stout, among other ales from this stylish brewery venue, run by the folk behind Itoh Dining by Nobu. Grill treats include house-made sausages, Peruvian-style lamb and Nobu's...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara

Pola Museum of Art

Showcasing the private collection of the late Suzuki Tsuneshi, son of the founder of the Pola Group (a cosmetics company), this impressive building displays works from Van Gogh, Cézanne, Renoir, Matisse, Picasso...

Arts Centre in Hakone

Enoura Observatory

Book well in advance to be sure of securing a ticket to view this extraordinary art, architecture and performing arts complex overlooking scenic Sagami Bay. A passion project of the artist Sugimoto Hiroshi, the...

Volcano in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara


The 'Great Boiling Valley' was created 3000 years ago when Kami-yama erupted and collapsed, also forming Ashino-ko. Hydrogen sulphide steams from the yellow ground here (the yellow is crystallised sulphur) and...

Cable Car in Hakone

Hakone Ropeway

The Hakone Ropeway is a 30-minute, 4km gondola ride, taking travellers to Tōgendai from Sōun-zan. It glides over the steaming crater of Ōwakudani, one of the stops along the way. At times, increased volcanic...

Japanese in Chōkoku-no-Mori & Gōra

Itoh Dining by Nobu

Savour premium Japanese beef, cooked teppanyaki-style in front of you by the chef, at this elegant restaurant, an outpost of the celeb chef Nobu's dining empire. It's just uphill from Koenshimo Station on the...

Chicken in Hakone-Yumoto


The 'Hakone lava' chicken over rice looks burnt to a crisp at this casual joint, but actually it's a juicy, tasty treat and simply a bit of gastronomic trickery. You can drink Hakone craft beer here, too, and...

Park in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone

Onshi Hakone Kōen

Occupying a peninsula on Ashino-ko, this scenic park was formerly the grounds of an imperial summer retreat. The 'Lakeside Panorama Pavilion', said to offer Hakone's finest view of Mt Fuji, was built just behind...

Sushi in Miyanoshita & Kowakidani


This friendly sushi shop is known for its aji-don (horse mackerel over rice). If you know how to fold an origami crane, ask to try their special challenge – using their impossibly small origami, fold a crane in...

Lake in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone


Cobalt-blue crater-lake Ashi-no-ko was created by an eruption of Hakone-yama nearly 3000 years ago. It's famous for the view of Mt Fuji, reflected on the still waters, visible on clear days (winter mornings are...

Museum in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone

Narukawa Art Museum

Art comes in two forms here – in the exquisite Japanese-style paintings, nihonga, on display, and in the stunning Mt Fuji views from the panorama lounge looking out across the lake, conditions permitting.

Museum in Chōkoku-no-Mori & Gōra

Hakone Museum of Art

Sharing grounds with a lovely velvety moss garden and teahouse (¥700 matcha and sweet), this museum has a collection of Japanese pottery dating from as far back as the Jōmon period (some 5000 years ago). The...

Shinto Shrine in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone


Hakone-jinja, established in the 8th century, is set in the woods above Ashi-no-ko, but its red torii (shrine gate) is right on the water – and very photogenic. The shrine is a 10-minute walk from Moto-Hakone,...

Sushi in Chōkoku-no-Mori & Gōra


A few doors downhill from the Hakone Open-Air Museum, this friendly sushi place also does tasty chirashi-zushi (rice topped with assorted sashimi), and takeout boxes for picnics. Look for the yellow building with...

Cafe in Miyanoshita & Kowakidani

Naraya Cafe

Beside the station, this woodsy cafe and craft shop is a pleasant pit stop for drinks and light meals. You can also soak your toes in the footbath on the terrace looking out over the mountains, or unwind in the...

Japanese in Sōun-zan & Sengokuhara


Choose from a hodgepodge of Japanese favourites (tonkatsu, sashimi, curry rice) along with a few Western and even Chinese dishes in this retro family restaurant that's like dining in a late Showa-era (1970s) home.

Soba in Hakone-Yumoto


This serene riverside soba restaurant is perfect for a bite after visiting the neighbouring Tenzan Tōji-kyō onsen complex. Find it through an arched gate just beside the bridge. The chef speaks English.