Top things to do

Top Choice Market in Wakkanai


About a 10-minute walk south of JR Wakkanai Station, this complex houses everything from a food market to souvenir shops to restaurants to the Minato-no-yu Onsen. It's a bit like a living museum as fascinating histo…
Top Choice Russian in Wakkanai


This Russian restaurant in the Fukakō-ichiba complex is a joy, proudly displaying friendship on a local level between Wakkanai and its neighbour. There's Russian beer, Russian music and the place is packed with loca…
Tower in Wakkanai

Wakkanai Centennial Memorial Tower

Atop a grassy hill a few blocks (but a big climb) from JR Wakkanai Station is the town's centennial memorial tower, the Shikai Hyaku-nen Kinen-tō. On a clear day you can see Russia and get great views of Japan's nor…
Cape in Wakkanai


On a good day this cape, the second most northern point in mainland Japan, is a nice place for a picnic. It's a pleasant walk (45 minutes) or bike ride (20 minutes) north of town. Along the way, look out for the kel…
Cape in Wakkanai


30km east of Wakkanai, Sōya-misaki is mainland Japan's northernmost point. Birdwatchers will love the seagulls and terns, while people-watchers will enjoy the stream of tour buses and groups being photographed befor…
Sports in Wakkanai

Japan Cup Dogsled Race

In February Wakkanai hosts the biggest dogsled race in Japan at Wakkanai Airport Park. The track winds through some truly inhospitable frozen terrain, though everyone warms up back in the city where festivities car…
Seafood in Wakkanai


If you make it past the huge tank of live crabs just inside the front door you're in for a treat at this legendary Wakkanai restaurant. There's an English menu and if you're into seafood, you can't go wrong. Try the…
Onsen in Wakkanai

Minato-no-yu Onsen