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Sapporo Hyousetsu No Mon, Course Meal!

*Treat yourself with a luxurious crab cuisine at Sapporo Hyousetsu-no-mon*Hyousetsu-no-mon is a 50-year-old restaurant specializing in crab cuisine*Enjoy a full course meal from appetizer to dessert*An unforgettable culinary journey awaits~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Course Menu:*Appetizer: King crab soy sauce pickled / kelp pickles king crab marinade/ seasonal fish and yuba cuisine*Assorted sashimi: King crab sashimi/sea urchin/peony shrimp / Ruibe of fantastic salmon child*Grilled dishes: charcoal grilled king crab*Warm dish: king crab shabu-shabu*Steamed dish: Seiromushi*Fried dishes: king crab & tempura of vegetables*Sushi: king crab Aburi Sushi*Soup: Japanese soup Yoshino crab*Dessert: fruits
1 hour