Top things to do

Seafood in Wajima

Umi-tei Notokichi

Umi-tei Notokichi has been a popular local haunt for generations – you'll be hard pressed to better experience seafood elsewhere in Japan. Purists should keep it simple and go for the sashimi moriawase (sashimi of t…
Museum in Wajima

Ishikawa Wajima Urushi Art Museum

This modern museum about a 15-minute walk west of the former train station, has a large, rotating collection of lacquerware in galleries on two floors. Phone ahead, as it closes between exhibitions.
Museum in Wajima

Kiriko Kaikan

Here you can view a selection of the impressive illuminated lacquered floats used in the Wajima Taisai festival, some up to 15m tall. Take the bus to Tsukada bus stop (¥150, six minutes).
Seafood in Wajima


This restaurant near the Asa-ichi serves local specialities including zōsui (rice hotpot), yaki-zakana (grilled fish) and seasonal seafood, surrounded by folk crafts.
Market in Wajima


This entertaining morning market features a few hundred ageing fishwives hawking fresh-off-the-trawler seafood, lacquerware, pottery and souvenirs, with sass and humour that transcends language. Haggle politely if y…
Parade in Wajima

Wajima Taisai

Wajima's famous, towering, illuminated kiriko festival floats parade through the streets to much excitement in late August.
Music in Wajima

Gojinjō Daikō Nafune Matsuri

This festival features participants wearing demon masks and seaweed head gear and culminates in a frenzy of wild drumming.