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Top Choice Shinto Shrine in Uwajima

Taga-jinja & Sex Museum

Once upon a time, many Shintō shrines had a connection to fertility rites. Of those that remain, Taga-jinja is one of the best known. The grounds of the shrine have a few tree-trunk phalluses and numerous statues an…
Top Choice Seafood in Uwajima


This restaurant, just off the arcade, is an elegant spot to try the local tai (sea bream) specialities, available here as a tai-meshi gozen (sea bream set course; ¥1880). There is a picture menu, plenty of small pla…
Castle in Uwajima


Dating from 1601, Uwajima-jō is a small three-storey castle on an 80m-high hill in the centre of town. The present structure was rebuilt in 1666 by the daimyō (regional lord) Date Munetoshi. The donjon (main keep) i…
Notable Building in Uwajima

Municipal Bullfighting Ring

Tōgyū (闘牛) is probably best described as a type of bovine sumo. In these bloodless 'wrestling' matches, victory is achieved when one animal forces the other to its knees, or when one turns tail and flees from the ri…
Bakery in Uwajima

Boulangerie Riz

Heavenly, light and crisp pastries and breads made with rice flour (50% – not gluten-free) are the house speciality at this bakery along the Kisaiya Road (きさいやロ−ド) shopping arcade. Enjoy a simple breakfast at the co…
Asian in Uwajima

Cafe Penguin Hotel

Hotel…no, cafe…yes! Despite its name, you can't stay here. This cosy lunch spot offers lovingly prepared meals of pan-Asian cuisine, from bulgogi to Thai curry, served in a salubriously airy and peaceful environment…
Izakaya in Uwajima


This izakaya has been serving up local food for over 70 years. If you request kyōdo ryōri (郷土料理) – meaning 'local cuisine' – the friendly owner should unlock his secrets. There's usually an English-speaker on hand t…
Museum in Uwajima

Date Museum

The well-presented exhibits at the excellent Date Museum are dedicated to the Date family, who ruled Uwajima from the castle for 250 years during the Tokugawa period. The explanations are mostly in Japanese, but a l…
Park in Uwajima


Shiroyama-kōen is the park surrounding Uwajima-jō; it's a pleasant place for a stroll, though get ready for some climbing and descending as the park is steep in places.