Shinto Shrine in Uwajima

Taga-jinja & Sex Museum

Once upon a time, many Shintō shrines had a connection to fertility rites. Of those that remain, Taga-jinja is one of the best known. The grounds of the shrine are strewn with tree-trunk phalluses and numerous statu…
Castle in Uwajima


Dating from 1601, Uwajima-jō is a small three-storey castle on an 80m-high hill in the centre of town. The present structure was rebuilt in 1666 by the daimyō Date Munetoshi. The donjon (main keep) is one of only 12…
Museum in Uwajima

Date Museum

The well-presented exhibits at the excellent Date Museum are dedicated to the Date family, who ruled Uwajima from the castle for 250 years during the Tokugawa period. The explanations are mostly in Japanese, but a l…
Bullfighting Ring in Uwajima

Municipal Bullfighting Ring

Tōgyū (闘牛) is probably best described as a type of bovine sumo. In these bloodless 'wrestling' matches, victory is achieved when one animal forces the other to its knees, or when one turns tail and flees from the ri…
Buddhist Temple in Uwajima

Temples 41-42

A great way to get a taste of the 88 Temple pilgrimage without having to slog it out along busy main roads is to follow this mini-circuit that starts and ends in Uwajima. This walk between Temple 42, Butsumoku-ji (仏…
Park in Uwajima


Shiroyama-kōen is the park surrounding Uwajima-jō; it's open from sunrise to sunset, and is a pleasant place for a stroll.