Upper Noto Peninsula attractions

Historic Building in Upper Noto Peninsula


One of the few survivors of the Taira clan, Taira Tokitada was exiled to this region in 1185. His ancestors eventually divided and established separate family residences here, both now Important Cultural Properties …
Historic Building in Upper Noto Peninsula


This is an Important Cultural Property, one of two family residences of exiled shogun Taira Tokitada (the other is Kami-tokikuni-ke). Shimo-tokikuni-ke, the older residence, was built in 1590 in the style of the Kam…
Landmark in Upper Noto Peninsula

Senmaida Rice Terraces

Once a common sight in Japan, the ancient terraced method of rice farming is disappearing. These 'thousand' paddies snaking up the hillside are both fascinating and beautiful in all seasons.
Lighthouse in Upper Noto Peninsula

Rokugozaki Lighthouse

You can amble through the village of Noroshi (狼煙) up to this lighthouse, built in 1883, for lovely views.