Theatre in Uchiko


About halfway between the station and Yōkaichi is Uchiko-za, a magnificent traditional kabuki theatre. Originally constructed in 1916, the theatre was completely restored in 1985, complete with a revolving stage. Pe…
Museum in Uchiko

Museum of Commerce & Domestic Life

A few minutes' walk north along the main road from Uchiko-za is the Museum of Commerce & Domestic Life, which exhibits historical materials and wax figures portraying a typical merchant's home of the early 20th …
Landmark in Uchiko

Ōmori Wa-rōsoku

Here at Uchiko's last remaining candle manufacturer the candles are still made by hand, according to traditional methods, and you can watch the candle-makers at work.
Museum in Uchiko

Japanese Wax Museum

Within the Kamihaga-tei complex, the Japanese Wax Museum has excellent English explanations on the wax-making process and the town's prosperous past.
Buddhist Shrine in Uchiko


At the end of the historic district, you'll see signs pointing to this shrine up the hill. It's just a few minutes' walk up to the large reclining Buddha in front of the shrine.
Historic Site in Uchiko

Yōkaichi Historic District

Uchiko's picturesque main street has a number of interesting buildings, many now serving as museums, souvenir stalls, craft shops and charming teahouses. The old buildings typically have cream-coloured plaster walls…