Tsuwano restaurants

Top Choice Noodles in Tsuwano


The speciality here is fresh wheat noodles handmade on the premises, going into filling dishes such as sansai udon (noodles with wild vegetables) and umeboshi udon (noodles with dried plum). For a little extra, have…
Seafood in Tsuwano


The Tsuwano teishoku (a carp-themed sampler of local dishes) is recommended at this elegantly rustic restaurant, which has wooden tables and the sound of running water. There are koi (carp) in a pool in the floor, a…
Italian in Tsuwano

Pino Rosso

The menu at this modern cafe-restaurant includes pastas and pizzas, plus there's a range of sweet bready items you can have with your coffee. Reservations are recommended in the evening.