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Esaki, Susa & Tsuwano, Yamaguchi: 3 Day Coastal Villages & Castle Town Tour

This three day guided tour focuses on the small coastal villages of Esaki and Susa before heading to Tsuwano, aka ‘Little Kyoto’. The first day will be a tour of the coastal village of Esaki in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Visit the hexagonal Saidoji Buddhist temple, stroll along the beach, take a tour and taste the sake at Sumikawa Sake Brewery. Finally, have a dip in Tamagawa Onsen. The second day is to the mountainous coastline of Susa. Take a trek up to the summit of Mt Koyama and ride on a fishing boat to the unique Susa Hornfels. The third and final day will be a guided tour of the small castle town of Tsuwano, known as ‘Little Kyoto’. Tour the historical town, castle area and site of banished Christian martyrs. Visit a tea farm to see the tea production process and enjoy a tea tasting opportunity. Finish the tour with a traditional Japanese performance, kagura, in the Taikodano Inari Shrine grounds.Tour provided by Heartland Japan http://heartlandjapan.com/.
3 days