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Cultural & Theme Tours

Dewa Sanzan 2-night 3days

Change into white robes and experience ascetic practices at Mt.Haguro and Mt.Yudono. Ensure an immersive experience of the Shonai region's spiritual culture staying overnight at the Yudonosan Sanrojo Lodge. A set itinerary including a jellyfish experience at Kamo Aquarium,and overnight accommodation at Yunohama Hot Springs,which offers spectacular views of the the sunset. Accompained by an interpreter and guide.
3 days
Cultural & Theme Tours

Mt Haguro Pilgrim Walking Tour

This 1-hour informative guided tour takes you to Haguro Shukubo (pilgrim lodges) street to explore Japanese Yamabushi culture near the foot of Mt. Haguro in Yamagata Prefecture. You will walk from Daishobo, a pilgrim lodge, to Haguro-san Gojunoto, a five storied pagoda, and fully enjoy the town and history.
1 hour