Top things to do in Tsumago

Museum in Tsumago

Waki-honjin (Okuya) & Local History Museum

This waki-honjin (rest stop) for the daimyōs' (domain lords') retainers was reconstructed in 1877 by a former castle builder under special dispensation from Emperor Meiji. It contains a lovely moss garden and a spec…
Historic Building in Tsumago


It was in this building that the daimyō (domain lords) themselves would spend the night, although the building's architecture is more noteworthy than its exhibits. A combined ticket (adult/child ¥700/350) includes a…
Noodles in Tsumago


If you're hungry after a long walk, you can't go past a chilled bowl of handmade Kiso zaru-soba (buckwheat noodles with dipping sauce).