Japan 4G LTE Unlimited WiFi Hotspot Rental at Naha Airport

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Our WiFi hotspot uses the local carrier, providing you with fast and reliable internet where ever you travel in the county.  This device can only be used in Japan  A WiFi hotspot provides portable WiFi whenever you need it for your smart phone, PC and tablet device. • Multiple people can connect to a single device. • Multiple devices can be used at the same time.   • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Why choose us?   • Unlimited 4G-LTE Internet with no slow downs.   • One low flat price that includes the hotspot rental and the unlimited data plan. • No hidden fees. • Free pick up and return at Naha Airport.  • No worries of incurring expensive roaming fees with your carrier.

Stay connected while traveling abroad. The pocket size WiFi router lets you stay connected with a secure high-speed internet on the go for up to five devices simultaneously. Stay connected at all times while using google maps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or just surf the internet.No need to pay expensive and slow roaming charges or having to rely on the hotel WiFi. Unlike SIM cards, you do not have to change settings on your devices, just turn on the WiFi router and connect.Best way to stay in touch with family and friends back home and share your travel experience with the world!Product is for Japan domestic use only.Details on how the service works   1. Make a reservation on this page. Select the beginning date ( the day you start your trip). Number of travelers is the number of devices. Once the reservation is complete you will receive an email from TripAdvisor Experiences. The pickup day will be counted as a first day as well, please make your reservations accordingly.  2. After the reservation is complete we will send you a detailed map of the pickup location for your convenience. Depending on which airline you use we will arrange and inform you the pick up location.   3. Pick up the device at following location • Baggage storage counter located in the domestic terminal  by showing your passport and your voucher order number you can receive the device.  4. Return the device at the same location after the rental is finished.  PLEASE READ:This is a rental service. The device must be rented for the entire duration of your trip.If the device is not returned after the duration, we reserve the right to deem the device “lost” and charge the customer $400/device.Pick up and return at Naha Airport only."Unlimited Data" - You might at times notice reduced speeds in the areas with high network congestion if you exceed high volume of data usage.

What's included

  • Pocket Hotspot
  • Unlimited data
  • 4G LTE connection
  • USB charger and cable
  • Device instruction
  • Portable porch

What's not included

  • Transportation to/from counter
  • Insurance on device