Books in Ebisu, Meguro & Around

Daikanyama T-Site

Locals love this stylish shrine to the printed word, which has a fantastic collection of books on travel, art, design and food (and some of them in English). The best part is that you can sit at the in-house Starbuc…
Books in Akihabara, Kagurazaka & Kōrakuen

Jimbōchō Bookstores

This fascinating neighbourhood of more than 170 new and secondhand booksellers is proof that the printed word is alive and well in Tokyo. Amid tottering stacks of volumes you'll find everything from antique guideboo…
Books in Akihabara, Kagurazaka & Kōrakuen

Ohya Shobō

This splendid, musty old bookshop specialises in ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), both old and newly printed (from ¥2000). There are antique books and maps, too. The staff are friendly and can help you with whatever you’…
Books in Akihabara, Kagurazaka & Kōrakuen

Komiyama Shoten

Here you'll find an incredible selection of art and photography books, posters and prints with some very famous Japanese and international artists represented.
Books in Shibuya & Shimo-Kitazawa

Shibuya Publishing Booksellers

Leading the wave of hipster bookshops, SPBS is a high-brow alternative to the bars along Shibuya's Kamiyamachō shōtengai (market street). There's a decent offering of English-language books and a fine collection of …
Books in Shinjuku & Northwest Tokyo


The 6th floor here has a broad selection of foreign-language books and magazines, including many titles on Japan and English-teaching texts. Note that the rest of the store is currently closed for renovation.
Books in Harajuku & Aoyama

On Sundays

Attached to the Watari-Um, this bookshop carries an eclectic collection of retro postcards, highly covetable stationery and art books in Japanese and English.
Books in Akihabara, Kagurazaka & Kōrakuen


There's a selection of over 100,000 titles here including comics, illustrated books, pop-cultural-idol books and cosplay (costume play) titles.