Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay


This is an art supply store to make you go weak in the knees: the walls are lined with vials of pigments – including the crushed mineral pigments used in traditional Japanese painting – in shades from vermilion to m…
Mall in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

Venus Fort

Perhaps nothing says over-the-top 1990s Japan quite like this shopping mall, which is designed to resemble an Italian streetscape – complete with fountains and ceilings that simulate the sky shifting from day to nig…
Antiques in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

Strange Love

Ding the ship's bell to gain access to this warehouse-like antiques and curio store, stocking items for those with adult or macabre tastes.
Mall in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

Aqua City

There are some 80 shops (mainly offering fashion goods) and a large number of restaurants in this Tokyo Bay-facing mall on Odaiba. The top reason to visit is to see lady android ChihiraJunco at her tourist informati…
Mall in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

DECKS Tokyo Beach

Fashioned after a beachside boardwalk, DECKS Tokyo is split into two sides: the Seaside Mall and Island Mall. Both house myriad shopping and dining options.
Mall in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

Diver City

A large mall complex.