Top Choice Anime in West Tokyo

Mandarake Complex

This is the original Mandarake, the go-to store for all things manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese animation). Once a small, secondhand comic-book store, Mandarake now has some 25 shops just inside the Nakan…
Antiques in West Tokyo


This cluttered little antiques shop stocks ceramics from the early Shōwa (昭和; 1926–89) period, through Taishō (大正; 1912–26) and Meiji (明治; 1868–1912) and all the way back to old Edo (江戸; 1603–1868). Flip the dishes …
Vintage in West Tokyo


As far as vintage shops go, Sokkyō is more like a gallery of cool. The stock is impeccably edited down to a look that is both dreamy and modern. That said, we may have sent you on an impossible mission: the shop, in…
Photography in West Tokyo

Fujiya Camera

Fujiya Camera opened its doors in 1938 and has been beloved by photographers ever since. Of particular appeal is the selection of used equipment, reasonably priced and quality assured. You can shop duty free or trad…
Fashion & Accessories in West Tokyo

Kita-Kore Building

A must-see in Kōenji, the Kita-Kore Building is a dilapidated shack of a structure housing a handful of seriously outré shops. Really, it's more art installation than shopping destination, though we do know of at le…
Homewares in West Tokyo


Outbound stocks beautiful homewares and objets d'art for your bohemian dream house. Works are earthy, made by contemporary artisans and displayed in gallery-like exhibitions.