Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Ebisu, Meguro & Around


Almost everything in this enchanting shop is dyed a deep indigo blue – from contemporary tees and sweatshirts to classic work shirts. There are some beautiful, original items (though unfortunately most aren’t cheap)…
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Ebisu, Meguro & Around


Cult brand Kapital is hard to pin down, but perhaps a deconstructed mash-up of the American West and the centuries-old Japanese aesthetic of boro (tatty) chic comes close. Almost no two items are alike; most are uni…
Food & Drinks in Ebisu, Meguro & Around


What separates this small lifestyle goods and gourmet shop from the rest is its emphasis on fermented foods. There's a selection of artisanal shōyu (soy sauce) and tamari-jōyu (soy sauce made without wheat and suita…
Alcohol in Ebisu, Meguro & Around

Isego Naka-Meguro

This outpost of 300-year-old Sendagi sake-ya (liquor store) Isego has a counter bar where you can order nihonshu (sake) by the glass (about ¥500). There's usually an English-speaking clerk around who can help you se…
Books in Ebisu, Meguro & Around

Daikanyama T-Site

Locals love this stylish shrine to the printed word, which has a fantastic collection of books on travel, art, design and food, including many books in English on Japan. The best part is that you can sit at the in-h…
Fashion & Accessories in Ebisu, Meguro & Around


A perfect example of one of Naka-Meguro's tiny, impeccably curated boutiques, Vase stocks avant-garde designers and vintage pieces (for men and women, but with a strong unisex bent), also hosting the occasional trun…
Homewares in Ebisu, Meguro & Around


Boutique hotel Claska's design shop sells contemporary takes on classic Japanese household goods and artisan wares from around Japan, including a good number of reasonably priced items. There's a branch in Shibuya H…
Fashion & Accessories in Ebisu, Meguro & Around


Just because Daikanyama is wealthy, doesn't mean it's uptight. In fact, some of Tokyo's most out-there boutiques are right here. Like this one, which specialises in candy-coloured clothing and accessories with a DIY…
Antiques in Ebisu, Meguro & Around

Otsu Furniture

Early-20th-century Japanese antiques, refinished in-house; especially good for moody, vintage lamps.