Ginza & Tsukiji shopping

Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Ginza & Tsukiji

Okuno Building

This 1932 apartment block (cutting edge for its time) is a retro time capsule, its seven floors packed with a fascinating array of some 40 tiny boutiques and gallery spaces. Climbing up and down the Escher-like stai…
Top Choice Food in Ginza & Tsukiji


Rice is at the core of Japanese cuisine and drink. This stylish store sells not only many types of the grain but also products made from it (such as sake), a vast range of quality cooking ingredients, and a choice c…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Ginza & Tsukiji


Explore the nine floors (plus several more in the nearby annex) of stationery at this famed, century-old Ginza establishment. There are everyday items (such as notebooks and greeting cards) and luxuries (fountain pe…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Ginza & Tsukiji


You're unlikely to find a more elegant selection of traditional folk crafts, including toys, textiles and ceramics from around Japan. Ever thoughtful, this shop also encloses information detailing the origin and bac…
Mall in Ginza & Tsukiji

Ginza Six

This splashy mall opened in 2017. There are shops from top international and local brands, of course, but also a branch of artsy Tsutaya Books, a 4000-sq-metre rooftop garden with great views and changing contempora…
Mall in Ginza & Tsukiji

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

This classy mixed-use complex, which opened in 2018, has a good assortment of fashionable boutiques as well as the 11-screen Toho multiplex. Check out the stylised Hibiya Central Market on the 3rd floor, which is se…
Fashion & Accessories in Ginza & Tsukiji

Dover Street Market Ginza

A department store as envisioned by Kawakubo Rei (of Comme des Garçons), DSM has seven floors of avant-garde brands, including several Japanese labels and everything in the Comme des Garçons line-up. The quirky art …
Food in Ginza & Tsukiji

Tsukiji Uogashi

The ground floors of this L-shaped complex house some 70 stalls of wholesalers, all of whom used to operate in the old Tsukiji market, selling seafood and produce, and is geared towards home chefs. The top floor has…
Department Store in Ginza & Tsukiji


One of Ginza's grande dames, Mitsukoshi embodies the essence of the Tokyo department store. Don't miss the basement food hall. The homewares selection on the 7th floor is good for ceramics and other artisan pieces.
Food in Ginza & Tsukiji

Tenyasu Honten

Tsukudani are various foods – mainly seafood and seaweed but sometimes meat and vegetables too – that have been preserved in a sweet soy sauce. This gorgeous weathered wooden shop with a giant indigo noren (curtain)…