2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan

Top choice Arts & Crafts

in Kōrakuen & Akihabara

This ace arcade under the JR tracks (its name refers to the distance from Tokyo Station) offers an eclectic range of stores selling Japanese-made goods – everything from pottery and leatherwork to cute aliens, a nod to Akihabara from a mall that is more akin to Kyoto than Electric Town. The best for colourful crafts is Nippon Hyakkuten (日本百貨店; http://nippon-dept.jp).

Also look for customisable wood cases for your digital life at Hacoa (ハコ ア); dainty kaleidoscopes at Sōshin Kaleidoscopes (創心万華鏡); hand-printed tenugui (towels) from Osaka-based Nijiyura (にじゆら); fab sneakers and shoes from Springle Move; and figurines at Studio Uamou (スタジオ ウアモウ), showcasing the cartoonish creations of designer Takagi Ayako. The latter shares space with the cafe Boo. There's also Cafe Asan, known for its made-to-order souffles.