Sushi Dai

Top choice


in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

There is no better-value sushi in Tokyo than the omakase (chef's choice) course here. The menu changes daily (and sometimes hourly), but you're guaranteed to get 10 pieces of nigiri (hand-pressed) sushi made from seafood picked up from the fish market downstairs, prepared one at a time, pre-seasoned to perfection (and with zero boring fillers). Expect to queue.

You can order à la carte, but considering each piece costs ¥500 to ¥800 (based on market rates), the course is the way to go; you also get to choose your last piece. The shop also offers a course for customers who can't eat raw fish (¥4500) and a smaller children's course (¥3000). Staff speak some English and you'll be dining with plenty of fellow travellers, but don't write this off as a tourist spot – locals love it, too.

Cash-only Sushi Dai is one of the shops that made the move from Tsukiji to Toyosu; there's a big photo of the old shop on the wall. It's in the same building as the intermediate wholesalers market. Sushi Dai closes the same days as the market so check the market schedule online.