Chinese in Roppongi & Around

Chinese Cafe 8

Cheap-and-cheerful Chinese known for its cheeky decor, Peking Duck served at any hour and abrupt service (in that order).
Noodles in Roppongi & Around


Huge bowls of udon (thick, wheat noodles) are the speciality here. Go for simple (topped with seaweed or pickled plum), exotic (udon carbonara) or filling (Tsuruton zanmai: topped with fried tofu, tempura and beef).
Chinese in Shinjuku & Northwest Tokyo

Yong Xiang Sheng Jian Guan

This takeaway counter deals in Shanghai street food, namely sheng jian bao (pan-fried pork buns; called yaki-shōronpo in Japan). Warning: they're as hot as they are delicious.