American in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

TY Harbor Brewery

In a former warehouse on the waterfront, TY Harbor serves up excellent burgers, steaks and crab cakes and offers views of the canals around Tennōzu Isle. It also brews its own beer on the premises and is a favourite…
Japanese in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay


Hibiki has glittering views across the bay, and a menu featuring seasonal dishes, hearty grilled meats and fresh tofu, along with sake and shōchū (strong distilled alcohol often made from potatoes). The lunch set is…
Bakery in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay


Another of the old Terrade Warehouses on Tennōzu Isle has morphed into this spacious bakery-cafe with a waterside terrace. It's run by the TY Harbor Brewery guys and they use the same yeast for their breads as they …
International in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay


Australian chef Bill Granger has had a big hit with his restaurant chain in Japan – unsurprising given how inviting and spacious a place this is. The menu includes his classics such as ricotta hotcakes, and lunch an…
Ramen in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Rāmen Kokugi-kan

This is a collection of six ramen shops from around Japan, which means you can choose from Sapporo-style miso ramen, Hakata-style tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen and others. Seating is shared among all shops.
Japanese in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

Seven different stalls dish up variations on the classic fried batter and octopus balls usually served from street stalls at festivals and events.