Must-see restaurants in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

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    Sushi Dai

    There is no better-value sushi in Tokyo than the omakase (chef's choice) course here. The menu changes daily (and sometimes hourly), but you're guaranteed…

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    Daiwa Sushi

    One of Tsukiji's most famous sushi restaurants has made the move to the new Toyosu Market. The course meal includes seven pieces of nigiri (hand-pressed)…

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    Mosuke Dango

    The original Mosuke, a street vendor, began making dango (soft rice-flour balls) in 1898, back when the fish market was in Nihombashi. Now on its third…

  • B

    Australian chef Bill Granger has had a big hit with his restaurant chain in Japan – unsurprising given how inviting and spacious a place this is. The menu…

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    TY Harbor Brewery

    In a former warehouse on the waterfront, TY Harbor serves up excellent burgers, steaks, salads and sandwiches along with views of the canals around…

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    Hibiki has big picture windows overlooking Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge. It is a chain, but it's a reliable one. The lunch set, which includes a main,…

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    Tokyo Rāmen Kokugi-kan

    This is a collection of five ramen shops from around Japan, which means you can choose from Sapporo-style miso ramen, Hakata-style tonkotsu (pork bone),…

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    Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

    Five different stalls dish up variations on tako-yaki (grilled octopus dumplings), a classic street food most famously associated with the city of Osaka…

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    In one of the old Terrade Warehouses on Tennōzu Isle, this bakery sells tasty croissants, muffins and danishes, as well as light lunches of soups and…