@Home Cafe

Cafe in Kōrakuen & Akihabara

'Maid cafes' with kawaii (cute) waitresses, dressed as saucy French or prim Victorian maids, are a stock-in-trade of Akiba. @Home is one of the more 'wholesome' of them. You’ll be welcomed as go-shujinsama (master) or o-jōsama (miss) the minute you enter. Admission is ¥700 for one hour plus one drink order (from ¥570).

The maids serve drinks and dishes, such as curried rice, topped with smiley faces. They'll also play games with customers, such as moe moe jankan (rock, paper, scissors). Photos with the maids cost extra.

It’s a little titillating, perhaps, but this is no sex joint – just (more or less) innocent fun for Akiba’s otaku (geeks).