Bar BenFiddich

Top choice Cocktail Bar

in Shinjuku & Northwest Tokyo

Bar BenFiddich is dark and tiny, with vials of infusions on the shelves and herbs hung to dry from the ceiling. The English-speaking barman, Kayama Hiroyasu, in a white suit, moves like a magician. There's no menu, so just tell him what you like and he'll concoct something delicious for you (we like the gimlet with herbs). Expect to pay around ¥2000 per drink.

There's no sign on the street, but it's the building in between the karaoke parlour and the curry shop. You'll see the wooden door when you exit the elevator. Reservations are only accepted between 6pm and 8pm, on the day or the day before. Otherwise it's first come first served, so you may have to wait.