Feature: Reimagining Shibuya

Shibuya – as you'll quickly realise – is undergoing a massive redevelopment, as the whole area around the station is being transformed. Shibuya Hikarie, completed in 2012, was the first of several planned glass towers to go up. In 2018, the more pedestrian Shibuya Stream opened along the Shibuya-gawa south of the train station. Hikarie's 11th-floor 'Sky Lobby' has a scale model of what Shibuya will look like when everything is completed – if all goes according to plan – in 2027.

Feature: Nihon Mingei-kan

The mingei (folk crafts) movement was launched in the early 20th century to promote the works of artisans over cheaper, mass-produced goods. Central to the mingei philosophy is yo no bi (beauty through use). The Japan Folk Crafts Museum houses a collection of some 17,000 examples of craftwork from around Japan, in a farmhouse-like building designed by one of the movement’s founders. Note that it closes between exhibitions (check the schedule online).

From Komaba-Tōdaima Station (two stops from Shibuya on the Keiō Inokashira line), walk with the train tracks on your left; when the road turns right (after about five minutes), the museum will be on your right.