Ebisu, Daikanyamar and Naka-Meguro are shopping destinations for a certain kind of style-savvy Tokyoite. There aren't any big malls or department stores here – or even high streets. Rather it's fashionable boutiques – many from Japanese designers – and vintage stores that are the big draw. You'll have to do a bit of legwork, but finds are worth it.

Feature: Meguro Interior Shops

Meguro-dōri, the broad boulevard that runs southwest from Meguro Station, is known as Tokyo’s interior-design district. Some 30 shops –selling everything from custom cabinets to antique screens – punctuate a 3km stretch of the road, starting after the intersection with Yamate-dōri. For a list of shops, see http://misc.co.jp.

When you've had enough, simply hop on any bus heading back up Meguro-dōri; they all stop at Meguro Station. Note that many stores close on Wednesdays.

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