Asakusa offers an abundance of street-food stalls selling unpretentious Japanese dishes at generally modest prices. There's also some of the city's longest running and most traditional restaurants here. Over in Oshiage, Solamachi, the mall at the base of Tokyo Sky Tree, is packed with places serving practically every type of food you could wish for.

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Street Food

Asakusa is great for street food. Here are some local favourites:

Iriyama Sembei At this century-old shop you can watch sembei (flavoured rice crackers) being hand-toasted on charcoal grills. Get them hot as takeaway or packaged as souvenirs.

Hoppy-dōri ‘Hoppy’ is a cheap malt beverage and you can sample it at the stalls that line this street. Sit down at rickety stools and tables under plastic awnings and nosh on cheap yakitori (skewers of grilled meat or vegetables) from noon until late.

Chōchin Monaka Traditionally, monaka are wafers filled with sweet bean jam. At this little stand on Nakamise-dōri, they're filled with ice cream instead – in flavours such as matcha (powdered green tea) and kuro-goma (black sesame).