National Theatre

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in Roppongi, Akasaka & Around

Japan's most important theatre for traditional performing arts stages kabuki, gagaku (music of the imperial court), kyōmai (Kyoto-style traditional dance), bunraku (classic puppet theatre) and more. Visit the website to see the schedule and purchase tickets. Premium tickets can cost over ¥10,000, while the cheap seats are indeed cheap (from ¥1800); student concessions available.

Earphones with English translation are available for hire (¥700, plus ¥1000 deposit) for kabuki performances. The theatre's 'Discover Bunraku' series runs with English subtitles and includes a brief introduction to the art form. For other performances an English synopsis is provided.

To the rear of the main building is the Traditional Performing Arts Information Centre (10am to 6pm; admission free) where you can see exhibitions that include videos of performances.