Top Choice Museum in West Tokyo

Ghibli Museum

Master animator Miyazaki Hayao, whose Studio Ghibli produced Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, designed this museum. Fans will enjoy the original sketches; kids, even if they’re not familiar with the movies, will…
Architecture in West Tokyo

Reversible Destiny Lofts

Designed by husband and wife Arakawa Shūsaku (1936–2010) and Madeleine Gins (1941–2014) and completed in 2005, this housing complex certainly strikes against the mould: Created 'in memory of Helen Keller' the nine u…
Park in West Tokyo


One of Tokyo's best parks, Inokashira-kōen has a big pond in the middle flanked by woodsy strolling paths. You can rent row boats (¥700 per hour) and swan-shaped pedal boats to take out onto the water (¥700 per 30 m…
Shinto Shrine in West Tokyo

Inokashira Benzaiten

Benzaiten, one of Japan's eight lucky gods, is actually the octet's sole goddess (she's also the Japanese incarnation of the Hindi goddess Sarasvati and a patron of the arts). Her realm is the waters, which is why y…
Museum in West Tokyo

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architecture Museum

This fantastic yet little-known museum has a collection of historic buildings rescued from Tokyo's modernising zeal. Among them are an Edo-era farmhouse, a modernist villa and a whole strip of early-20th-century sho…
Notable Building in West Tokyo

Nakano Broadway

This vintage 1960s shopping mall – at the end of the equally vintage Nakano Sun Mall covered arcade – helped cement Nakano's reputation as an underground Akihabara. It's filled with small shops aimed at collectors o…
Market in West Tokyo


This covered market, with low ceilings and red paper chōchin (lanterns), originated as a black market after WWII. Some of the vendors – the fishmongers, for example – have been around for decades, but there are some…
Gallery in West Tokyo


Inside the Kita-Kore Building, this space is run by Tokyo-based art collective ChimPom. The group is known to be overtly political (and sometimes un-PC), which makes this an interesting space to watch. Closed betwee…
Museum in West Tokyo

Suginami Animation Museum

This small museum, designed mostly for kids, covers the history of animation in Japan and its digital future. Temporary exhibits sometimes show cel art from major animators; there are also light tables (where you ca…
Notable Building in West Tokyo

Asagaya Pearl Centre

Asagaya's signature shōtengai has been around since the neighbourhood was a village (and the shopping street was unpaved). It got its arched roof in 1967; it got its poetic name from a citizen vote.