Street Kart

Scenic Drive in Tokyo

Experience Tokyo as if in a real-life video game on a go-kart tour. Yes, go-karting on real city streets; somehow, this is actually legal. You must, however, have a valid international (or Japanese) driver's license. Bonus: the tour operator rents out cartoon character onesies free of charge.

Street Kart has several shops in different neighbourhoods, each running different courses, day and evening. The Shibuya branch does a short course that includes the district's famous scramble crossing. A longer course from one of the Shinagawa branches takes you through Shibuya, Roppongi (for views of Tokyo Tower) and over the 800m-long Rainbow Bridge across Tokyo Bay (this is slightly harrowing).

The karts are a little tricky to handle. Before you start there's only a short tutorial on how to drive them, then you're on the road with trucks and buses, so absolutely speak up if you're not comfortable; there's always an English-speaking guide and they are experienced at navigating the traffic and at pains to stress safety. Booking are essential.