One of Tokyo's better virtual-reality parks, Sky Circus has an aerial roller-coaster that snakes between Ikebukuro's skyscrapers (Swing Coaster; ¥400) and a cannon attraction that sends you bouncing around a futuristic version of Tokyo's more famous attractions (Tokyo Bullet Flight; ¥600). Basic instructions are given in English. If you are prone to motion sickness you will feel it, possibly acutely.

You have to first buy a ticket to the 60th-floor observatory – which is nice in its own right – from the ticket counter in the basement of Sunshine 60 (part of Sunshine City). You can get your hand stamped for in-and-out entry all day. Attraction tickets can be bought on the 60th floor. Last ticket sales are at 8.50pm.

To ride the attractions, children must be over seven years of age and taller than 130cm; grown-ups no bigger than 2m and 100kg.