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Train as a ninja during a private workshop and you’ll learn all the secrets of these spies and assassins of feudal Japan. Masters of stealth and disguise, ninjas – also known as shinobi – were members of a secret society about which very little was known. Your private ninja lesson in Tokyo offers insight as well as hands-on instruction in meditation, weaponry and fighting techniques.

After pickup at JR Tabata Station, head to the dojo in central Tokyo, where you will be fitted in dogi (training clothes) before your ninja training begins. To ensure that your mind is calm and undisturbed, your private instructor will lead you in meditation and kujikiri (the practice of using hand gestures to strengthen the mind).Once you are mentally prepared, learn about shuriken, aka ninja stars. When you are warmed up, it’s time to enter the secret world of the ninja, learning their secrets and fighting techniques. Under the guidance of your professional trainer, choose one of several ninja skills to practice: grappling, self-defense, iai swordsmanship (a Japanese style of martial arts using a sword), rope or chain techniques, or shintai-sosa (to summarize this practice: you'll use muscles you didn't know you had). When your lesson is complete, you’ll be transferred back to JR Tabata Station.