Night walk around Asakusa's deep and hidden spots

Food, Wine & Nightlife in Tokyo

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Asakusa is one of the most well-known sightseeing spots in Tokyo. People from other areas o Japan and all around the world visit to enjoy walking around and eating. Sightseeing is usually done during daytime, but there are many hidden gems in Asakusa’s night time. There are various entertainments and restaurants that only local people know about, which are sleeping during the day and active during the night. On this tour, we will be able to experience this side of Asakusa.
The tour begins at the symbol “Kaminarimon” of Sensoji. It lights up at night and creates a fantastic atmosphere to the main temple of Asakusa, Sensoji Temple. The night atmosphere is very different to the daytime atmosphere which is usually crowded with tourists. This allows you to experience the serene precincts at your own pace. After going through the calm Nakamise Street, you will get to see a place called Yoshihara, Asakusa’s biggest deep spot. Yoshiwara is a red-light district that surpasses Kabukicho in Shinjuku. During the night, it is always bustling with luxurious prostitutes who chase after men. Yoshiwara rea-light district was created in Ningyocho during the Edo period, became what is well known as the cultural origin of fancy books and Ukkiyo-e. A courtesan learned about the culture of classics such as Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremonies and traditional songs from women who dress up in very old styled clothing. Even today, it is very popular to dress up in their costumes and take pictures of what seems to be completely different person. After the Yoshihara’s walk, we will visit the “Akashi Lodge” to see the remnant of Showa through its teas. Although it may seem like a simple coffee shop, the selling point of this shop is the nostalgic westernised food of Showa which is loved by the Japanese people. After all that, there is the oldest "onigiri"(Rice Ball) place in Tokyo, the "Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku”. The foundation of this location began in 1954, when white rice was still considered to be a luxurious treat. Here you can choose your favourite ingredients like choosing fish over a sushi bar counter, and the onigiri will be freshly made in front of your eyes. You can choose the place to get a breat at the Akashi lodge or at the Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku. In the Akashi lodge, you can drink and enjoy the Japanese soul food. In the Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku, you may also buy some onigiri to enjoy during your late night walk home. Once our stomachs are full, we will visit a batting center. Japan is the next baseball powerhouse after America. These Batting centers are popular for both men and women as a method of dating, relieving stress, or as a form of exercise. We hope you enjoy the night life of Asakusa which is completely different from what you can experience in Asakusa’s daytime.

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