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【OUTLINE】Learn the spirit of Japan with the Japanese Martial Art 'Aikido'Why not try challenging Japan's martial arts and Aikido? Aikido is one of the martial arts transmitted to Japan. As a big feature, there are few big strikes and the most important is to throw and twist by using the technique of the opponent and the movement of the body. So, what is important is not to see force, but to figure out the movements and ideas of the opponent, it is also said that Aikido is a martial art for learning about the human spirit. In recent years in Japan it has become a popular sport for children and women as there is no worry of injury compared to other martial arts.【HIGHLIGHTS】・Experience Japanese Aikido・Compared to other material arts no worry of injury
ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this product· Learn the courtesy of AikidoLearn about the courtesy and manners of Aikido. Japanese people have customs that respect politeness. Aikido is also a kind of martial arts in Japan that emphasizes courtesy. Learning the courtesy required in Aikido is to learn the necessary means and wisdom in order to live. From the etiquette of Aikido you can learn many things that can be applied to everyday life.· Demonstration by the instructorThe lecturer will show you a sample of Aikido. Let's learn by seeing the teachers' skills. What is important in doing Aikido is having a supple body movement. In the demonstration of the instructor you will be able to see the world of supple and elegant martial arts beyond your imagination. Aikido's techniques exceeds one hundred kinds, and applying it makes it a very deep sport composed of hundreds of kinds of techniques. As the lecturer will show off various techniques, please observe the movements often. These movements lead to a strong and supple body. Therefore, it is possible to create a healthy body and it is useful even in the life as a self-defense technique.· Aikido LessonAlthough there are hundred kinds of Aikido skills, if you learn the basic ones, you can apply it and create various movements. At first it may be difficult, but since the instructors will follow you gently, you will be able to grasp the senses and tips quickly. Once you have a sense of movement, it is important to practice again and again. Please skillfully increase your skills with the help of the lecturer.· Let's apply the techniquesLet's show the results of practice. Please try to show how much you have grown. An Aikido experience is a great opportunity to face yourself. Learn the spirit of Aikido and please use it to enrich your future life by all means.Duration: 1 hourLocation: Shinjukutsugarushamisen School

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