Top Choice Izakaya in Tokushima

Izakaya Ikiiki

This slick little izakaya is well worth the adventure of having to battle no-English menus. Just past the northeast corner of the park, Ikiiki has friendly, helpful staff, fresh seafood, and best of all, tasting tra…
Microbrewery in Tokushima

Awa Shinmachigawa Brewery

Head to this relaxed spot down by the river to try a few local brews such as the pale ale, stout and bitter. There's inside and outside seating, plenty of eating options and a convivial atmosphere. A nomi-kurabe tas…
Karaoke in Tokushima

Ingrid's International Lounge

Filipina Ingrid is Tokushima's go-to girl for expat gossip and all-night karaoke. The lounge is hard to find, tucked among the hostess clubs in the southwest of Akita-machi, but there's nothing duplicitous about thi…