Top Choice Cafe in Tokushima

YRG Café

This lovely little cafe down by the train tracks is run by friendly English-speaking Takao. YRG, meaning 'Yellow, Red, Green', serves up nutritious, comforting meals that meet well-balanced diets. Whatever you order…
Top Choice International in Shishikui


A superb little spot a tad east of Shishikui, Bahati is run by keen surfer Tsuji-san. Serving everything from pasta to katsu-kareē (pork cutlet, curry and rice), Bahati has surfboards on the rafters, surf photos on …
Cafe in Shishikui

Cafe Hikōsen

This little roadside cafe is a locals' favourite, particularly for the impressive ¥540 Japanese/Western breakfast that will keep everyone satisfied. Expect a warm friendly welcome, an English menu (and possibly a sp…
Cafe in Ikumi


Ikumi White Beach Hotel runs an inexpensive restaurant called Olu-Olu, featuring a picture menu and plenty of dog-eared Japanese surf mags. Eat inside, or there's a hole-in-the-wall ordering spot and terrace for eat…
Izakaya in Tokushima


Named after an anime character who always arrives in the nick of time, Kisuke has built a reputation for imaginative seafood dishes. Get a recommendation for the freshest specials. To find Kisuke, take Ryōgoku-bashi…
Ramen in Tokushima

Tokushima Ramen Men Ō

There are about 20 seats in this Tokushima classic only a couple of minutes' walk from the station. Right outside the front door is a machine with the menu and photos of each dish – pick what looks good, put the app…
Udon in Tokushima

Self Udon Yama

'Self Udon' is very popular – line up at the counter, then when it's your turn, choose cold or hot noodles before heading further along the counter to pick toppings, side-dishes and broth. Everything is added up whe…
Japanese in Tokushima


Its beige facade looks unremarkable, and its atmosphere unassuming, but the traditional Japanese dishes served at this family-run restaurant are beautifully prepared. Choose from three dinner courses (¥1650 to ¥5500…
Japanese Curry in Ikumi

Aunt Dinah

Japanese country music and a range of curries are available at this old-timey spot near the main crossroad in Kannoura. House specialities include a filling Thai coconut curry for ¥1390.