Top things to do in Tokachi

Zoo in Tokachi

Bear Mountain

This 15-hectare forested enclosure in northern Tokachi is home to 12 male higuma (who range in size from 300kg to 400kg!). The clever viewing facilities include a boardwalk 5m above ground and, for a little more yen…
Ice Cream in Ikeda

Happiness Dairy

Since 1949 this popular Tokachi dairy has been serving great ice cream from its small cafe. It makes dozens of flavours – from black sesame to edamame to pumpkin – of which 10 or so are available at a time, dependin…
Steak in Ikeda

Restaurant Yonekura

The speciality here is Ikeda-gyū – locally raised beef. You can splurge on a steak (paired with Tokachi wine), though there are cheaper options too, like pasta with meat sauce. Yonekura is across from JR Ikeda Stati…
Winery in Ikeda

Ikeda Wine Castle

Tokachi wine is aged in this 'castle' – which looks a bit like a chateau-themed love hotel – set on a hillside overlooking the town. Samples and bottles are available in the shop.
Farm in Ikeda

Spinner's Farm Tanaka

See a few fluffy sheep outside, wool-spinning inside and a small shop of knitted goods.