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Shinto Shrine in Togakushi


Comprising three sub-shrines – Togakushi-Hōkōsha, Togakushi-Chūsha and Togakushi-Okusha – each a few kilometres apart, Togakushi-jinja honours the 1911m-high Mt Togakushi. According to legend, the mountain is where …
Noodles in Togakushi

Uzuraya Soba

Revered in Japan by those who value soba (as many do), this wonderful noodle shop claims that Togakushi is the home of soba and it may just be right. It's directly across from the steps to Chūsha shrine. Tempura sob…
Shinto Shrine in Togakushi


From Okusha bus stop it's 2km (40 minutes' walk) to Okusha (meaning Upper Shrine) – the innermost of Togakushi-jinja's three sub-shrines – via a magnificent 500m-long cedar-lined path (­杉並木; suginamiki) planted in 1…
Museum in Togakushi

Togakushi Folk Museum & Ninja House

Above the Okusha bus stop you'll find this museum housing artefacts from a time when local yamabushi (mountain monks) practised what became known as ninpo (the art of stealth). The Ninja House is the most fun, cleve…
Shinto Shrine in Togakushi


While apparently close to the village, access to the shrine buildings of Togakushi-jinja's pretty, lower sub-shrine Hōkōsha, nestled among cedars, is via 274 (if we counted correctly) ancient and steep, stone steps,…
Shinto Shrine in Togakushi


One of the three sub-shrines of Togakushi-jinja, intimate Chūsha, meaning 'middle shrine' is the most easily accessible, located prominently in the middle of the village. One tree here is said to be 700 years old.
Cafe in Togakushi

Okusha no Chaya

By Okusha bus stop, Okusha no Chaya serves fresh soba and other staples behind a glass wall overlooking the forest. Delicious soft-serve ice cream comes in seasonal flavours such as tomato, chestnut and wasabi.